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Feb. 5, 2021

A memory popped up on Facebook today with this verse… a memory from when my ex was home and I thought things were headed in a good direction.

Hmmmm. If I knew then what that pathway to promise would look like in its fulfillment, would I have still followed? In my flesh, no I wouldn’t have. More likely I wouldn’t have even believed you if you told me!

Realization of what the promise and fulfillment meant

What I didn’t realize at the time is that it takes a lot. A lot of pressure, time, wearing away and chopping down what's already there to make pathways in wildernesses. To make rivers in dry wasteland. On my journey to see the promise in its fulfillment, I have been chopped. I have been worn away and made to submit to the pressure. And let me tell you, it hurts! It feels like a ripping of your soul at times. But in the end, you find that what has been ripped away is just the junk keeping you from getting to the other side of the wilderness. That is where the promised land is. It’s the dust that chokes you in the desert wasteland. But it’s all been replaced with a beautiful pathway and a thirst quenching, peace bringing river.

Would I do it differently?

So, would I have submitted? Or believed you? No. But would I now go back and change it? Also, no! The only thing I would change is my willingness to trust. I would have more open-mindedness to HOW God will do what he says. But I have learned in a new way that He will always bring his Promise to fulfillment. I pray that as I continue this journey, I will remember to not put God in a box. Remember that it will most likely look completely different than what I expect. Yet it will always be good and fruitful for me.

Remember his promise and fulfillment

I want to remember to continue looking to God for each step. Remember that today he may tell me to step to the right, but tomorrow I may need to go left. Life is not a straight road, and today’s mercy is for today. He will provide the mercy I need in the way I need it for tomorrow, tomorrow. One day He said stay, on another he said go. I do wish I had known sooner to listen for a change in direction. BUT GOD will always make himself clear if we listen. Thank you, Father God, Brother, Friend, Salvation, Lord Jesus for making my path clear and doing this new thing! Thank you for my freedom, my deliverance from the bondage of codependency. I will continue now to recover. I will find freedom and healing in You alone with You alone as the solution, the promise fulfilled.

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