Look here to find helpful resources for many needs arising from trauma situations. From music playlists or devotionals to information on shelters and councilors, as I find them I will add them to this page. 

The Freedom Cry Playlist

This is my main Spotify playlist, full of songs that have helped me either learn about or revel in my freedom in Christ. It's a very eclectic collection as my taste in music is all over the place, but nevertheless, it is carefully curated to be an inspiration and help in the journey to healing.

Raising Kids On Your Knees with Tina Smith

 Raising Kids on Your Knees is an amazing ministry for moms. Tina provides free prayer sheets each week with a themed prayer for each day. There is also access to a free zoom meeting every weekday morning

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Raising Kids 
Your Knees

Transforming your children's lives through Prayer

Joanna Lynne Official

The TikTok financial guru for people who need it. Joanna teaches you how to make money so you can pay your bills and one day invest it. No course or eBook to buy, just free information on how to get financially free.

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Joanna Lynne Official

Side Hustling Financial Guru

Printable notecards

Download a beautiful, printer friendly, set of notecards to help remind you of who God is, Who you are, and what that means to your healing.

Other Helpful Sites