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In the wait

This has been the title of a series at Brookstone Church based on 1 & 2 Thessalonians. The series is about what we are to do in the wait for the return of Jesus. When we read 1 Samuel 13 in Mornings With Jesus I saw the same concept happening. We are not only in the wait for Jesus return, but there are also smaller segments of waiting times. Especially when we are hearing a call from the Lord, he often gives us only one step at a time, and we must wait for more direction or God to move someone else in their part. There are things to do in the wait. It is never a sit and twiddle your thumbs kind of waiting.

Saul was told to wait for Samuel. In the wait he was told to "do was is required as you go".

He was the king, his troops were with him, so leading was what was required. Leading by example - leading with obedience to God's word and faith in God to keep him. Saul, however, got impatient and took Samuel's job unto himself.

In the meantime, his troops are hiding in fear and Saul just stands there and watches them go. (Remember back when Saul was going to be announced as king, he was hiding, this is a pattern for him!) His fear and lack of faith was infecting his troops, and rather than shift his heart, he chose to blame shift by saying it was because he hadn't sought the favor of the Lord (that's fear in a faith mask again!) Which, in turn, caused him to think he needed to do Samuel's job for him. It "couldn't be" that he himself was not doing his job right, no, it must mean " I gotta do everything myself if I want it done right".

His lack of faith led to fear and fear led to panic which became disobedience. Disobedience and lack of faith took the kingdom from him before he even got started.

Don't let this happen to you. When God calls you in to something, you do that thing, and only that thing. Focus on your part. Even if it looks like you are being abandoned (check if you are leading by example), have faith that God will do his part, send others to do theirs, and sustain you in yours. Stay in your lane, stand firm in faith, obey your calling. Do not fear, for the Lord is with you. Step by step, do what is required, and let God handle the rest.

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