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Gaps, Voids, and Idols

We all feel the gaps and voids in life. Those spaces where something is missing, doesn't feel quite right, or didn't measure up. We try to fill those gaps in many ways. Some turn to food, TV, or a relationship for emotional gaps. Others to work, awards, or money for voids in their security. Our sources for filling the gaps and voids are not working though. These things have become our gods, Idols that we run to to close the gaps and fill the voids.

Idols... the things we run to.

We, the worshippers, naturally look for provision, protection and productivity. It's how we are built. Idols end up in our lives because we forget that only the one true God can fix those gaps and voids. He created us and placed us under his protection, in a place where everything we needed was provided and told us to be productive in that. Sin created gaps in each of those things when it entered the world.

Now, we have a choice to make every time we feel those gaps. Where will we run to get that gap filled? Will we just let the void suck us in and consume us? Or Will we remember the God who created us and gave everything to restore us to himself?

Meeting places

Those gaps and voids that we feel are the broken places sin has created. Whether it's our own sin that is separating us from God and each other, or sin that has been committed against us. Sin separates, it creates these gaps and voids that need to be filled. These are places where we can run to God and be restored. We can heal, we can see gaps closed and be healed. Voids can be filled with peace, love, and freedom.

"The gaps and voids in your life are meeting places between you and God". When Dominique said that in mornings with Jesus today, it was a whole thing! Those feelings of something missing or not right, not measuring up... they are opportunities to be filled, to be restored, to meet with your Heavenly Father.

What will you choose

When you need to know you are provided for where do you run first? If you are feeling unprotected, what do you think of first as a solution? The need to be productive that makes you feel not enough, how do you try to fix that? If God is not the first place you run to, you are missing out on precious meetings. Those "other than God" things? Those have become idols.

Lay down the idols

This is not a condemnation, it's a reminder of who you really are. A remembrance of who God is and who he says you are. Once you have identified the idols that have crept in to fill God shaped voids with world shaped fixes, take them out and lay them down. Lay them at the foot of the cross, surrender the idols and be filled with restored truth. God and God alone can (and will!) provide, protect and make you productive!

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