Bring what you have

July 2, 2022

The phrase "Bring what you have, let God handle the rest" has been ringing loud and clear to me lately. The Bible Study I am a part of at my church (The Quest by Beth Moore) went over this thoroughly. Talking of Moses and his staff, the boy with the fish and loaves and more. Then, in Mornings with Jesus we read 1 Samuel 17- the part of David's life where he came with a slingshot and 5 stones and defeated a giant that the whole army of Israel was afraid of.

God does not ask us to get ourselves fixed up, prepared, fully educated and qualified before we come to him. He doesn't even tell us to do that before he can use us. He says, bring me your burdens, bring what sorrows you have, bring your trauma, bring your still growing talent, your story, whatever it is that you have in your hand - just bring it to me. God will use whatever you have and multiply it for his people's victory and his glory.