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Bring what you have

July 2, 2022

The phrase "Bring what you have, let God handle the rest" has been ringing loud and clear to me lately. The Bible Study I am a part of at my church (The Quest by Beth Moore) went over this thoroughly. Talking of Moses and his staff, the boy with the fish and loaves and more. Then, in Mornings with Jesus we read 1 Samuel 17- the part of David's life where he came with a slingshot and 5 stones and defeated a giant that the whole army of Israel was afraid of.

God does not ask us to get ourselves fixed up, prepared, fully educated and qualified before we come to him. He doesn't even tell us to do that before he can use us. He says, bring me your burdens, bring what sorrows you have, bring your trauma, bring your still growing talent, your story, whatever it is that you have in your hand - just bring it to me. God will use whatever you have and multiply it for his people's victory and his glory.

Moses argued with God that he could not possibly speak for Him and free the people - he thought he had nothing to give. God simply asked him "what is in your hand?" Moses looked, and he had his walking stick. That must have seemed like the strangest question for God to ask. A walking stick and a little willingness to obey was all Moses had, and God used it to work miracles. God qualified and equipped Moses using what he had in his hand.

Jesus asked the disciples on the hill with the hungry crowd - " how will we feed them all?" The disciples looked around and found one boy with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. Jesus said "bring me what you have" and fed 5000 people with barrels of food left over.

David came and saw a scared army, heard the taunts of the giant, and said "God has helped me before, he'll help me again - here's what I have." Saul tried to give David his armor, because from his perspective a mere shepherd boy with a sling and stones was obviously not enough to defeat this war hardened 9ft 9 tall giant! However, trying to take on someone else's tools only hindered David. He said, no, I will go with what I have and trust God for the rest.

God is saying to us today as well - Bring me what you have, I will use it, I will produce more and better. He wants us to simply be willing to bring what is in our hands and surrender it and the outcomes to Him. Trust Him to " work in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose".

What do you have in your hand? are you willing to bring it to God and say "have your way Oh Lord?" Bring what you have, let God multiply its use!

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