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You want to heal

You are feeling many things, and it's complicated. You are deeply hurt. He's always flirting, chatting online, had an affair, paid for sex, has a porn addiction... and you are wondering if there was something you could have done to cause this, or prevent it. It's possible you have asked for help and been given very dangerous and confusing advice. No one in your life understands what this feels like - and so don't know how to help. I see you - I get it, lived it for 22 years. Healing is possible, freedom is possible!

First, know that this is not your fault - despite how you feel or what you have been told. You are never responsible for someone else's behavior and choices.

Next, know that their betrayal says more about them than it does you. You were created to love and be loved, and as an image of God you are worthy of being loved well and rightly. 

Meet Janice

Betrayal Trauma Healing Mentor

Hi, I am Janice Michele. I am a recently divorced mom to 3 boys, two in their 20's and one early/mid teens. I love to crochet. I grew up in Florida with a boat building, custom woodcraftsman father and wonderful, homemaking mother, and am the oldest of 3 siblings (one brother and one sister). I was raised in a loving, Christian, though imperfect home. 

I got married in 2000 after becoming pregnant with my oldest son, and we all went through a lot in the next 20+ years between arguing, infidelity, arrests and finally divorce. I am here to help women heal from traumatic relationships - especially betrayal trauma. 

I know the pain of betrayal and the effects it has. I have, through the grace of God, found my way to healing paths and am now mentoring women like you so that you can begin to heal as well. 

  • How can I set up a session?
    Just click "booking" anywhere you find it on the site or go here If this is your first session with me, please choose the free assessment so we can see how I can best help.
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