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Truth, Fear and Comfort Zones

So many of us are looking for truth. Truth about ourselves, truth about our purpose, about what is right or wrong. I have heard that today's teens are the most open to exploring different ideas and really searching for what is real. They respect transparency and truth, even when it goes against what they currently feel, more than any generation.

If we are to learn truth, about our identity, our purpose or anything else: we must explore outside of ourselves. We must dig beneath the surface of emotions and climb the mountains of fear. We know that finding truth will not happen if we are stuck in our comfort zones. If we never hear other stories or opinions, how do we know what we believe is true? What we believe can only stand up as true when it has been tested and found solid.

.Once you find a source of truth that has proven itself, explore that! Like finding your Home, the place where you know you belong. Finding the one place you can truly rest and just be free to unmask. Once you experience that feeling of peace and security, you want to know that place intimately. This requires exploration of that place, that state of being. Surrounded by mountains, you can either see beauty and protection or scary heights and falling rocks. If you want to understand and really experience the fullness of Home you have to move past the fear and climb those mountains. Learn just how sturdy and majestic they are.

I have seen the Bible prove itself over and over as the source of truth. It and the God who authored it have never once failed me. So why do I not take as much time exploring it, learning of it, enjoying it, as I do other things? I have grown comfortable. And comfortable is a dangerous place to be. Like a frog in slowly heating water - he's about to get cooked. And he doesn't even notice.


Comfort is like finally finding the perfect house, on beautiful property, that you own and can utilize in grand ways - but staying holed up in the bedroom binging Netflix. Why? Why are you not out there enjoying and getting to know the place you call home? This place you worked so hard to get to?

It's easier and more comfortable to stay in the bedroom, where you are used to being, when you were in the other place that wasn't "home" but just a house. It's scary to go out and search the mountain, not knowing what you will find. But once you do it; climb the fearful mountain, explore what is beyond the fear, you learn about all the good things available to you. As you learn, you grow in knowledge and peace with the beautiful place you are in. It brings even more joy than when you first discovered it!

So, explore your Bible, explore your life; reach past the fear and learn of the beautiful place you are in now. Grow past the trauma and leave it in God's hands. Get to know your God, get to know yourself and who He says you are. Bask in the joy of growing into who he made you to be!

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