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Changed - never be the same again.

That was the theme for the 1st annual Faith Mama's Tribe retreat. And boy, were we changed that weekend! There were women from all over the United State, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas too! Most of which had never met a single other of the attendees in person. When we arrived, we knew we were family though. We created forever sister bonds.

I have never seen the Spirit move so abundantly, so thoroughly, and so consistently in a group of virtual strangers. We have all "met" and talked online - so there is that, but like I said - first time ever meeting these women in person. From the messages in the app on the way to the retreat, to the first sighting of "that woman that has been encouraging me" in the flesh, to the sessions, meals, and walks, it was ALL life changing.

We saw women delivered from smoking habits, hearts that had been walled up freed to feel the power of God and of love again, grief that hadn't been expressed flowed into beginnings of healing. Voices that hadn't lifted in song in years broke out in a spontaneous choir of Praise, leading us all in heart melting, soul searching worship. Women who felt all alone in their struggles found kindred hearts to walk alongside them.

We heard about answering God's call - and checked our hearts. How quick are you to say yes to God - even when it is uncomfortable? We experienced beautiful Praise dancing and wordsmithing poetry that beautifully expressed the experiences of the weekend. We opened the Bible and read and discussed it for about 2 hours, gleaning all God had for us and all the changes he wanted to work in our lives. We dug deep and pulled out the issues we have been dealing with for too long - you know, those things we put down, only to pick it back up!? No more - they were torn, burned, and let go of - surrendered to God for good. We talked about recognizing pain for what it really is and learning how to be thankful for its working out of God's purposes in our lives.

If you didn’t get the chance to go this year you can still purchase a virtual ticket and watch all the replays and see just what I’m talking about. And definitely plan on going next year! Join the Faith Mamas Tribe App and study along with us. (We are in Daniel currently) Find your place in the tribe, (there is one for you, I promise!) and learn and grow in the meantime, and you will absolutely know when the next retreat is coming too!

If you need some time with someone to mentor you through some healing - That’s what I am here for. Set up a free zoom call to talk with me and see if we click and find out how I can help. I am still collecting and creating all the great resources that will be available in the mentoring groups (Single stitches and The Tapestry). You can join them now and be the very first to see each new addition!

One more exciting announcement! (My answer to "how fast will you say yes"!) My podcast will be available starting Monday 9/26/2022 at 6:00 am, and tune in every Monday morning for a new episode! Let’s talk healing and Identity!

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