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Living in your Identity in Christ (pre-registration)




3 Weeks


About the Course

This is the foundational course for all other courses, groups and mentorships. We at When God Spins a Yarn believe that the "foundation chain" of healing is a knowledge of Who God is, who he says we are, and how to accept that as truth. The things our trauma has told us about ourselves need to be challenged and truth needs to be spoken over our lives.

Course includes 3 (approx.15 minute) videos, digital/printable workbook, printable scripture notecards, 1-month free access to the private group mentoring, and 1 live Q and A session with Janice.

Your Instructor

Janice Michele

Owner/mentor - Divorced mom of 3 boys, teen and above. Walking with you through healing from Betrayal Trauma.

Janice Michele
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