Midweek Health Minute- amazing results from meal planning

My mom and I started a new meal plan last week, and I am again seeing amazing results from meal planning! Meal planning seems so daunting until you get into it. It really helps to let someone else do the planning for you too! Really, it’s just sitting down and writing out what meals you are going to eat on which day. You could do it on your own. Starting out, however, I suggest finding a meal plan that is already set up. This way, all that is required of you is to shop for at least a weeks worth of the ingredients you will need, then choose how you are going to prep. Do you prep the entire week, a couple of days, or just one day at a time?

I got off track the last 5 months or so with stress, kids home from school, and my hubby’s 50th birthday. I really needed something to help kickstart me back into gear. When Mom called and asked if the meal plan she found was worth the money, I found what I needed! I have saved so much time, been more able to stick to my plan, and had less stress just by following this meal plan, and the food is amazing! Not only that, my energy is returning again, and I am down 6 lbs so far.

There are plenty of different meal plans to choose from, some of them are free too! Mom and I paid for ours, we got a special of 37$ for two months of meals, shopping lists, recipies, and 14 minute a day exercises. I found that we both started off better with it because we had invested something into it. Knowing we had paid for it made us get right out and start using it. If you are lacking motivation, I highly reccomend purchasing one so you can experience the amazing results from meal planning for yourself.

Free apps to give amazing results from meal planning

If you are someone who has really good self-control and internal motivation, then the free ones will likely work just fine for you. As you know, being with me for a bit, I am fully on board with Keto, so those are the plans I look for. Here are a few free ones I have found.

My Fitness Pal

Each of these above have both free and paid versions. My Fitness Pal has a ton of features you can use for free, and will work for any eating plan you have. If you want to use it for keto and want to track your macros in the same app, you will need to go for the premium version.

Senza – my favorite

Senza is my favorite for keto specific meal plans and food tracking. It is stock full of good recipes. You can set up your meal plan ahead of time and it will give you a shopping list too. One of my favorite features of Senza is the “keto radar”. When you are out and about, things get hectic and you suddenly find you are going to be eating out – just click the radar and it will tell you what resurants and stores near you have keto options! It will even tell you which menu items are the keto options, or how to special order it – and you can add your input to it if you know of something available that it isn’t showing.

All of these features are in the free version, as well as weight and measurment tracking and a “keto onboard” meal plan that takes you through your first week of keto- everything you need to know to get your own amazing results from meal planning!

Carb manger

I have not used carb manager myself, so can’t give you a whole lot of info on it, but lots of Keto people reccomend it. Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

Pinterest – come follow me!

Pinterest is a great place to search for free recipes and ideas too. Here is my board so you can follow along as I find things!

Click image to follow My Keto Pinterest Board!

The plan I am using

The meal plan that mom and I got is from Keto Custom Plan. It’s easy to use, you take a quiz to get your specialized plan. You can also add people to your plan, and put in their information so that you get a meal plan you can do together. It tells you how many calories/ what percentage of the recipe is for each person. Want to have the whole family on the plan? Add them all and it will generate the shopping list and recipes so that it feeds all of you.

Mom and I don’t live together, so we just divide up the shopping and cook the food individually for ourselves. I just have to remember to divide the recipes so I’m not eating double! lol. Most of the time, what I am doing is taking any of the dinners I see that my family will eat too and just multiply the portions and make enough for everyone. Sometimes I’ll add a carb to their plates for them. Most of the time it’s enough food that they don’t miss their starches for that meal.

Having a plan has been a game changer. Being able to just look at my list and plan out my day saves so much time and stress. I also have a better idea of how to make my own plans now too. As soon as I get those started, I will share them with you! For now, watch on my YouTube channel. I am making videos on how to make the recipes I’m using now – with my tweeks. I show you how I use the best tools ever to make cooking easier!


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