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Meet Janice

Supporting you in your healing journey

Hi, I am Janice Michele. I am a recently divorced mom to 3 boys, two in their 20's and one early/mid teens. I love to crochet. I grew up in Florida with a boat building, custom woodcraftsman father and wonderful, homemaking mother, and am the oldest of 3 siblings (one brother and one sister). I was raised in a loving, Christian, though imperfect home. 

I got married in 2000 after becoming pregnant with my oldest son, and we all went through a lot in the next 20+ years between arguing, infidelity, arrests and finally divorce. I am here to help women heal from traumatic relationships - especially betrayal trauma. 

I know the pain of betrayal and the effects it has. I have, through the grace of God, found my way to healing paths and am now mentoring women like you so that you can begin to heal as well. 


How I can Help

Launch 2/14

how i help
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It's your Story, Lets make it a success story.

Thank you for our conversation I got a lot of self realization out of it.

- Jennifer

Your story has impacted many women. Thank you for sharing and for doing the hard work behind the scenes for us

- Paulina

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