Difficulties can be seen as an opportunity…

to exercise my focus and determination, to
strengthen my faith and show me where I need
to grow. The most effective thing I have found
during trying times is when I concentrate on
maIntaining a peaceful spirit.
Calming my self through praying, remembering
scripture and reminding myself of God’s
provisions for me in the past helps me to
conquer the challenges that face m
and continue
“considering it Joy when I encounter
various trials 

I do my best to avoid being reactive to difficult
situationst thatcatch me off guard. I have built
up a habit of stepping back and taking a breath
beforeI I respond. It is always better to calmly
and thoughtfully respond than react without
thinking. While it is easy to allow confrontation to
anger me or tell me I’m not worthy, I choose to
bring peace to the situation and not let my
emotions take over.
I spend intentional time on nurturing my mind
and spirit through music, scripture memorization
and Bible study.  I am training myself to keep
calm when that is the least natural approach. It
forces me to trust in God’s strength to overcome
even the toughest situations.
A spouse or loved one being incarcerated,
a kid that just won’t listen and is on my last nerve,
an argument with a family member… no matter
what it is “a harsh answer stirs up anger”.
  Proverbs 15:1
I choose to answer softly so as to
“turn away wrath”.

When I encounter resistance, my first step is to
silence my soul, take  that little split second
and chose to just wait, breath, pray. I ignore the
stirrings of impatience and anger that pull at
me by remembering to “think on these things”
…(whatever is good, lovely…Phil. 4:8 ).
I remind myself of the truth of who God says I am.
Remembering that the other person is just
as much “image of God” as I am also helps
me to see their side a little more clearly. 

I realize that giving in to negativity or anger only
serves to worsen any situation.
My focus is on being a peacemaker, a life-giver,
by counteracting negativity with truth,
love, encouragement and peace.

The wisdom I’m gaining in handling trying
times encourages me to act from a place of calm
reasoning. When my soul is at peace, I am able
to think things through. By thoughtfully
redirecting unease at my core, and analyzing
why it appeared, I am able to make smart
choices that produce much more productive

Today, I am a conqueror. I can overcome any
obstacle through Christ.
Take some time to reflect on the questions
below and determine your plan to conquer

With serenity and clarity, I can see the value
in all my life experiences.
Even the hardest trials become worthwhile and
meaningful when seen with an eternal

Self reflection Questions:

  1. What exercises can I undertake to help me develop a consistently calm soul?
  2. How often do I encounter situations that are difficult for me to control?
  3. What assistance can I get from outside sources when dealing with trying times?


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