Everyone, just about, is wearing masks right now because of the fear of getting the COVID19 virus and that’s a legitimate fear right now. What kind of mask are you wearing?

Imagine if you continued wearing your mask after the health danger is gone. You know how it is now. It’s hard to breathe, people have a hard time recognizing you, and I for one don’t feel like myself.

Emotional Masks – are you wearing them?

My friend Barbie made an astute observation the other day, guess what? This is the same thing we do emotionally when we hide our thoughts and feelings for fear of what others will think. We wear these invisible masks to protect us from other people’s opinions.

There are times when it is necessary to hide our thoughts and feelings, especially as prison wives. We have to protect ourselves from the constant negative feedback we tend to get from those around us because of the stigma of our husband’s conviction. Others are dealing with toxic situations at home as well where their thoughts and feelings are used against them.

Why we need to break free

Once we get things figured out though, (get counseling to make sure we are making wise decisions for us, our family and our loved one or get ourselves out of the toxic situation) then we can learn to take off our emotional masks. We can and should heal and begin to trust again.
Just like breathing our own CO2 it becomes toxic to keep our masks on, therefore trading one poison for another. We must take time, even during the crisis, to be ourselves, breath the fresh air of true friends, and move on to the next step.
I work in healthcare as a receptionist, and boy do I know what it feels like to keep that mask on all day! It tends to make me want to hold my breath… So it compounds the problem. Wearing our invisible masks does the same thing, making us feel like we need to protect ourselves even more. It’s a bad spiral to let yourself go down.
We really don’t need the “I can handle it” mask. The “It doesn’t bother me” mask is just lying to yourself, and the “I don’t need anyone else” mask is isolating!! We were created for community. God said at the beginning of time “It is not good for {people} to be alone”.
So, I ask again, what kind of mask are you wearing? How can I help you take it off?
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Holly Souzey · April 29, 2020 at 4:18 pm

This may be our new normal.

    [email protected] · May 10, 2020 at 11:51 am

    Yes, at least for quite a while I’m thinking. Let’s hope we can all use this to make ourselves better people!

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