If You Only Knew what God Has for You…

Oh, My, Goodness! The things God has been teaching me lately! I was listening to a podcast by Rachel Ngom who usually talks about business and Pinterest and all those lovely logistics things I love her for. This particular podcast, however is about Christian Manifestation. Rachel interviewed Rachel Luna from @girlconfident.

It made me SO UNCOMFORTABLE to listen to them talk about Christian Manifestation and say how it was actually BIBLICAL! Now, hang on, don’t go anywhere.

She Was Right!

Now, I have only listened to that one interview and the first three episodes of the Scandelous Christian podcast by Rachel Luna, but God has been confirming it all along the way. For example – and this is just the most recent of MANY – my devotions this morning. I have been slacking off sadly on doing this, and it struck me hard when I noticed that it had been exactly a month since I last intentionally spent time with the actual love of my life – GOD. When I opened the book I have been reading when I do take this time like I need, Beth Moore was talking about the woman at the well and verse 10 of John 4 where Jesus says “If you only knew what God has for you…” Beth goes on to elaborate and highlight what Jesus was telling this woman….

If you only knew what God has for you, your heart would be swept up in such AUDACIOUS LOVE that NOTHING could keep you from the life you were born to live.

Beth Moore – Audacious pg 17 (emphasis mine)

There are things I do already know…

Things I know already are the family God has given me the privilege of and the responsibilty for, the vision and dreams God has given me for my future and my business, and that I am so loved by Him. What I need work on is actually living out the life I was born to. That, my friend is a heart issue. I have been living in fear and doubt – even in the times I have thought I was living in faith.

It is time for me to step out in faith (again) and trust that God has promised me certain things and therefore he will fulfill that – in fact, it has already been fulfilled. I need simply to walk in it, claim that it is done and see the manifestation of it as I obey.

Let’s do this thing!

So, mamas, prison wives, Christians of all walks of life – Pray with and for me as I trust in faith, step out and do. Let’s do this thing! Let us cast out fear! We cast out the doubts of the devil! We claim our victory and the life God has for us! Join together and live our best lives!



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