I want to give you some encouragement today. Show you what life can look like after prison, after healing is progressing, after all the hard you are dealing with, when you get to see the “worth it”  right in front of you.

I am going with my oldest son to a meeting he needs to be at to start technical school in May. We went to the school today for more paperwork,  and I am nervous 😬 but also so Excited and proud of him. 
My husband is home with the other two boys, continuing to get things done for improving our family. He’s working on getting a second vehicle road ready and taking middle boy to work this afternoon.
We are waiting to hear about a really good paying job for hubby, should hear something today or Monday for sure. Great pay, insurance the day he starts, same with 401k. 
We are planning a move out to the coast after next school year. We have been looking at houses out there to rent and considering if we want to go RV instead, or maybe a liveaboard boat… We actually have real options in front of us now. 
We all communicate with each other better than ever before. While we still have disagreements of course, we handle them so much more calmly now, and are listening to each other well compared to before. 
Our whole family is under one roof again. Middle son came home end of last year and is working through his transition home and back into the family dynamics. He just got a job and is a senior in high school. Plans for him to go into the army are in the works. Another boy I can be proud of and excited for!
Youngest son is in middle school and doing great academically. He is still dealing with emotional issues, but that is to be expected at 13 and as a traumatized child. I am proud of how far he has come as well. He is such a caring child, and I continue to see his maturity growing as we go.
You can do this, God will provide and “restore what the locust have eaten”. Continue to do the next right thing and stay on your knees in prayer. The light is at the end, and also shining in your soul now. 


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