If you only knew what God has for you.

If You only Knew What God has for you…

It made me SO UNCOMFORTABLE to listen to them talk about Christian Manifestation and say how it was actually BIBLICAL! Now, hang on, don’t go anywhere… She was Right!

sweet tooth vs. immune systems

Sugar effects your immune system:

Is your sweet tooth keeping you from being your best self? Let’s take a look at how sugar effects your immune system and what you can do about it.

guilt or shame what to do

Is it really your fault? What should you do with your feelings of guilt and shame? Read further to learn the truth about guilt and shame, what the difference is, and why that is important to finding freedom from both

freedom, sky, hands

Release date approaching? What to expect.

When your husband’s release date is approaching it is an exciting time, and also a scary, confusing time. I had no idea what to do, how to prepare, and that made it even harder. I am going to give you some insight on what to expect, so you can prepare and be ready for as successful a homecoming as possible.

Amazing results from meal planning

I have saved so much time, been more able to stick to my plan, and had less stress just by following this meal plan, and the food is amazing!