Being True to Who You Are

This YouTube video made me laugh, and then it made me think. Am I being true to who I am? I’m not even sure it was her intention to inspire the thoughts, but just to be funny. Either way – She brought out some convicting thoughts. Give it a watch and let’s talk…

Kay Pruitt’s How to make a facemask

So cute! I love how it starts out looking like an actual tutorial and gives you no indication it is a satire, until… her complete incompetence is revealed. In this context it is great entertainment and good for a laugh, however, it becomes quickly obvious to others when we try to be something or someone other than we really are. Not only this, but we continue to damage ourselves as well as those around us, and look increasingly like fools!

Who you really are

You were created to be someone specific, a unique individual with your own talents and strengths. God intended you to be here today for a purpose. When you try to be something or someone else, you are inevetibly going to either fail or at least do it at a much lower standard than it should and could be done. This not only makes you look less than you are, but it can take the opportunity away from someone whose strenght that is. It means the people being served are getting lower quality service than they deserve. Imagine if your airplane pilot was not qualified to fly a large passenger plane? Would you really want to take that trip?

How do you know who you are?

It also made me think about being careful of where and who we get our information from. We know that just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true, or even that the person giving the content has your best interests in mind. Somehow, though, we seem to get sucked in with all the click bait and sensationalism and take to heart things we shouldn’t. There are plenty of people out there just after your money or even your soul. Research, find out who you are listening to and make sure you aren’t falling for every guru that sounds good, or even that is telling you exactly what you want to hear. Your heart can lie to you too.

Hear me now, I don’t want you to shrink from doing things simply because you don’t think you are good enough or qualified enough. If it is something you are passionate about, something God has put on your heart, then by all means persue it! Need some training? Get it. Have a passion for helping people? Share your story! Most importantly, don’t just start doing whatever thing pops up and promises you the world when it is not who you are.

How can you discover who you are?

  1. Study yourself
    • What lights you up?
    • Who are the kind of people do you enjoy spending time with?
    • What situations tug at your heart?
    • What subjects can you talk about for hours and still be excited?
  2. Take an Enniagram and/or Spritual Gifts test
    • Find your Fear Archetype
    • Evaluate your main Spiritual Gifts
    • Are you an Extrovert, Introvert, or somewhere in between?
    • What communication style do you use?
    • What is your love language?
  3. Pray!
    • Who or what has God put on your heart recently?
    • What subjects or phrases keep jumping out at you when you read scripture?
    • What circumstances do you find yourself in over and over?
  4. Research yourself
    • Do a survey of your friends and ask questions about what they see as your strengths, your weaknesses, and things they see you are really good at.
    • Remember that things like “you are a good listener” are just as much a sign as “you are a great artist”.
    • Look back at your schooling or younger life – what were some of your favorite pasttimes?
    • What difficulties have you overcome? Tell your story!

Uniqly you?

Our friend Kay’s character in the video should not have been teaching us how to sew! She took the “anyone can do this” mantra and ran with it without recognizing that it is just a catchphrase. There isn’t anything that it can truly be said “anyone can do this”. There is always an exception, there is always someone who is the best at it. Find the things that you are truly the best at, or that really light you up and go for that without trying to be someone else, or do it the way they do. Tell your story, help your tribe, create your thing IN YOUR UNIQUE WAY! Find what God has purposed you for and make it your purpose too.

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